Supervising for Improvement of Equitable Instruction

How well do you support educators staff to engage in equitable instruction?

This practice describes the degree of support you provide to educators around instructional practices and strategies such as culturally responsive teaching, differentiated instruction, individualized learning plans, emerging bilingual instructional strategies, and others. An element of this practice includes providing teacher feedback, facilitating ongoing opportunities for collaboration and improvement, and holding staff members accountable for providing equitable access to learning opportunities and materials.

Practice Overview

1. Download and print the following worksheet which provides a paper activity that collects your responses and guides your next steps.

2. With your team, move thoughtfully through each entry on the rubric for this practice.

3. After reflection, discussion, and reaching consensus on each entry, choose the practice (listed on the rubric) that best represents the current state of practice in your school system or building ("where you are now").

4. next, write down your "evidence," by naming a few items that support your reasoning for the current state of practice you selected. (You don’t need to create a long list or add details.)

If your current state of practice needs work, this activity will help you identify the barriers that are hindering progress. If your status quo is proficient or exemplary, this activity will help you reflect on how you arrived there and may suggest best practices from your previous experience that will help you move toward equity in other areas.