Ten High-leverage Equitable Practices

Gather your team to explore the equitable practices that address your equity needs. We recommend that you begin with the Core Practices first; they are foundational to the other seven practices. Team members should explore how your organization’s historical routines, policies, practices and data best reflect current equity practice. Each practice is designed to prompt collaborative and productive discussion, so time on each practice will vary as you deepen your examination. Teams can identify data and evidence that describe your status quo as well as exemplary practices you'd like to move toward. After working through a practice, you can download a pdf that captures your responses for use in future discussions, planning, and action. See our team leader section for additional information.

Core practices

Additional high-leverage practices

Modeling ethical and equitable behavior

How well do you lead by example?

Allocating resources

How capably do you distinguish between "equal" and "equitable" allocation of fiscal and material resources?

Fostering an equitable school culture

How strong is your capacity to promote the voices, values, and experiences of nondominant groups as assets in your school community?

Collaborating with families and communities

How strong are your structures for collaborating with students, families, and community members to shape your direction?

Influencing the sociopolitical context

How well are you positioned to influence, create, and lead changes to policy?

Hiring and placing personnel

How well does your human resources decision making reflect an equity mindset?

Supervising for improvement of equitable instruction

How well do you support educators and staff to engage in equitable instruction?